Coaster clue! What is Cedar Point trying to tell us with this Mean Streak tease?

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SANDUSKY, Ohio –A couple of months into a new season at Cedar Point and one of the biggest coaster questions remains unanswered: What ride will replace the Mean Streak?

The Sandusky amusement park tweeted a clue Wednesday with #TheyreComing.  A short video simply stated, “They’re Rollin’ In Like Thunder.”

What could that mean? When we asked Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark if there was anything more he could share with us, he said, “It’s exciting, isn’t it?” So, we guess roller-coaster fans will have to remain on the edge of their seats for a little longer.

The Mean Streak was the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster when it was built in 1991. It shut down last September.

At the time, Clark said it was a matter of trying to stay fresh and look at things in a different way. There was also a lot of maintenance.

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