Cleveland man sentenced for attacking Cleveland Clinic doctor and children

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CLEVELAND- A Cleveland man has been sentenced for three armed robberies involving women, children  and senior citizens.

The crime spree happened last September on the city's east side.

Joseph Feliciano was in court Thursday afternoon, where he apologized to his victims.

One of his victims was a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, who was beaten, strangled and robbed during the attack. The doctor's family said the incident has made her fearful about being out alone, even in her own home.

Feliciano blamed his addiction to drugs for his actions. During today's sentencing, his victims spoke about how their lives are forever changed. One of the victims was an 8-year-old boy. His mom said, Feliciano threw her son to the ground during the robbery and threatened to kill him if they didn't cooperate.

Judge John Sutula sentenced Feliciano to 21 years for all three attacks.