There are lots of comments out there about the design of this pool float

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People have a lot of comments about a pool float being sold by retailers across the country.

Such as, “Was one single woman consulted about this?”

One retailer says the Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float has “a fun marbleized design.”

But pretty much everyone else seems to think it looks like a giant panty liner.

In fact, customer comments on Amazon are pretty scathing.

“I tried it, but it sucked all the water out of the pool.”

“Nice to know you don’t have any women on your design team or in your focus groups!”

The comments on Twitter have been coming in fast and sarcastic as well:

“What’s the absorbency level on this thing?”   asked.

“If you don’t want to lose this on the pool deck, just pull off the adhesive strip on the back and attach it to your chair!”  suggested.

“I’ll wear my red swimsuit to complete the cosplay,”  wrote.

“Has someone made the surfing the crimson wave joke yet?”  asked.

“I suppose the Management just went with the flow,”  joked.

“Alternative theory – it was designed by a woman who was sick of the men in her family stealing all the pool float,”  responded.

The Pasadena Pool Float has  been around for at least a few years. It’s not inexpensive either. To buy this er, unusually designed float, you’ll have to pay anywhere from  $79 to $109. Jokes about it are free, however.