No plans for security cameras in Cleveland park troubled with gunfire

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CLEVELAND-- Cleveland City Hall told the FOX 8 I-Team no security cameras will be installed at a city park troubled by gunfire and other problems, despite a push from residents that has gone on for years.

The I-Team showed you some of the problems in and around Mercedes Cotner Park off West 95th Street, south of Denison Avenue.

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Recently, neighbors reported gunfire and police responding to the call heard it there, too. A neighbor’s surveillance camera also captured a large crowd of young people there with long sticks threatening others.

Another neighbor’s cameras also recorded a hit-and-run with people running through the park after getting out of the car that caused the crash. And there’s been much more.

Last year, the mayor’s office told us at least one camera would be installed. But now, the city says, no.

A spokesman sent an email, saying the city has put security cameras in Public Square and the downtown Malls, along with Terminal, Thrush, Brookfield, Brookpark, Halloran, Duggan, and Worthington Parks.

This year, the city plans to put cameras in Glenview Park, Mark Tromba Park, and Oletha Wilson Park. In 2018, the parks scheduled to receive cameras are Regent Park, Walter A Burkes Park, Harding Playground, and Lawn-Madison Park.

Not clear, what led to the change in plans for Cotner Park. The I-Team reviewed documents showing residents and Councilman Brian Cummins calling for the cameras there for years.