Here comes the dog bride! Rescued 12-year-old pups bark vows on Fox 8 News for heartwarming reason

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Dogs getting married?

It happened this morning on Fox 8 News!

The story behind the big doggy wedding is very heartwarming.

Rather than be separated by a cross-country move, 12-year-old Mazy and 12-year-old Batman will live out their final years together.

Mazy is a golden retriever, and Batman is a black lab.

The two dogs, who live with different families, can often be seen playing together in the yards of their Shaker Heights homes.

But Mazy's family is moving across country, and doesn't want to stress her out with a move in her later years. So Batman's family offered to take her in.

The family decided to celebrate their "union" with a wedding for fun.

The two have much more in common than being best buds. They were both adopted through dog rescues.

Mazy came to her family from Golden Endings Golden Retriever Rescue in Columbus. 

Batman came to his family from the Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue.