Stark County Kennel: 22 dogs found homes this weekend!

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STARK COUNTY –  Last week, the Stark County dog warden put out a message that the stray dogs in his care needed homes desperately.

Warden Jon Barber said the kennel was running out of room for large dogs that had run away or had been abandoned by their owners. He told FOX 8 that in recent weeks they have been at or near capacity. Because of this, some of the dogs were at risk of being euthanized.

But on Sunday, Barber reported to Fox 8 that on Friday, 12 dogs were either adopted or claimed by their owners. On Saturday, 10 more dogs found homes. “Twenty-two in two days is amazing as a result no dogs had to be put down at this point.”

He reminded everyone though, that new dogs keep coming in – 5 so far this weekend – and that the push to find homes for all the dogs is ongoing.

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