More charges including kidnapping against man accused of impersonating officer

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AKRON -- Almost 50 new charges have been filed against an Akron man who is accused of impersonating a police officer, even entering schools with a weapon and disciplining students.

Police say Christopher Hendon, 26, often posed as a police officer.

On March 29, he was photographed taking a young boy to the Juvenile Detention Center then photographing him inside a jail cell.

Hendon already faced previous charges after his arrest in April.

But Friday afternoon, prosecutors announced 47 additional charges against him for impersonating an officer at two different schools and running a fake 'Scared Straight' program.

Prosecutors say Hendon placed multiple children in handcuffs each time.

He is now charged with the following:

  • 7 Counts of Kidnapping – felonies of the 2nd degree
  • 7 Counts of Abduction – felonies of the 3rd degree
  • 16 Counts of Impersonating a Police Officer with Firearm Specifications - felonies of the 3rd degree
  • 13 Counts of Illegal Conveyance of a Deadly Weapon in School Safety Zone – felonies of the 5thdegree
  • 4 Counts of Illegal Conveyance of a Deadly Weapon into a Courthouse – felonies of the 5th degree
  • 7 Counts of Assault – misdemeanors of the 1st degree
  • 4 Counts of Criminal Trespass – misdemeanors of the 4th degree
  • 1 Count of Impersonating a Police Officer – a misdemeanor of the 4th degree
  • 1 Count of Endangering Children – misdemeanor of the 1st degree

Hendon is scheduled to be arraigned on the additional charges on Tuesday, July 11.

If you know of a child who participated in Hendon’s 'Scared Straight' program, you're asked to please contact the Summit County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau at 330-643-2131.

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