I TEAM: Police chase caught on camera – but Cleveland officers told stay out of it

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained video showing a state trooper in a wild chase after a dangerous driver through Cleveland streets, but police radio tapes show city officers were not allowed by one of their bosses to join in the pursuit.

It happened last month after a traffic stop by the Ohio Highway Patrol at East 79th and Kinsman. Video shows the trooper telling the driver she has warrants. Then, she suddenly speeds off, nearly dragging the trooper. A short time later, the video shows a passenger rolling out of the speeding SUV onto the street. That all happened with the vehicle still moving. Then, that SUV barreled into other vehicles causing two separate crashes.

Meantime, a radio broadcast went out to Cleveland officers about the trooper’s chase. But moments later, a Cleveland supervisor can be heard saying, "All cars. You can be in the area, but do not engage in a vehicle pursuit."

We’ve shown you Cleveland Police keep strict controls on chases by their own officers. And this case shows, these days, Cleveland Police rarely get involved in another agency’s pursuit, even one like this.

The Cleveland Police supervisor can also be heard saying, "My cars, because we know who's driving that vehicle, per the GPO (General Police Order), we are not to engage in a vehicular pursuit."

The trooper involved also gave up on the chase after the second crash. However, the wanted driver just kept going. The Highway Patrol says, later, she walked away from her SUV in the area, and another trooper spotted her and arrested her. Kenisha Hardy now faces felony charges.

However, Hardy’s case is now on hold as doctors evaluate her at the court psych clinic.

But this case gives a look at what it took to take down a driver desperate to avoid the law.