Coast Guard: 9 people rescued from Cuyahoga River after rowboat capsizes

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CLEVELAND — Nine people on Saturday morning were rescued after their rowboat capsized in the Cuyahoga River, the United States Coast Guard reported Saturday.

It happened at 9 a.m. when the watchstander at Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor received a mayday call over the radio emergency channel, a news release from the Coast Guard stated.

The man who made the call said he was a part of a group of rowers from a rowing school on the river, and that a wake from another boat had caused the rowboat to capsize.

All nine rowers in the boat were thrown into the water, the release said.

The man who reported the incident had been on a small vessel following the rowboat down the river and could not get all of the rowers to safety, officials said.

A 25-foot response boat was launched from the Coast Guard station and rescued all nine people.  All of them were wearing life jackets, and there were no medical concerns, the release stated.

The Coast Guard rescue team took the rowers back to their school. A third boat from the school later retrieved the rowboat from the river.

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