I TEAM: Inside the mind of suspected killer of couple at car lot

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CLEVELAND - A man accused of killing a husband and wife at a Cleveland used car dealership had repeatedly told a judge he had turned away from a life of crime, according to hand-written court documents obtained by the FOX 8 I TEAM.

The letters were sent by Joseph McAlpine to a judge on an earlier case as McAlpine did time in prison. He did more than 8 years for robbing a woman at knifepoint.

McAlpine, again and again, asked to get out of prison early. He wrote, “I am very determined to change my life by all positive means.” And, “These passing years incarcerated have forced me as a man to grow and mature.” He also wrote, "One of my personal ambitions is to study and major in the field of computer technology.”

Yet 8 months after finishing his sentence, McAlpine is charged with the robbery and killing of Michael and Trina Kuznik at their business, Mr. Cars.

Despite all those letters, all that begging to get out of jail early, the judge on the earlier case and prosecutors didn't just buy all that talk of being a changed man. They kept saying no early release based on McAlpine’s record and more.

In one document, McAlpine also wrote, “I’m more than ready to do things the right way.”

Now, if he’s convicted in the new case, it would be reasonable to wonder if he’ll ever walk the streets again.

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