After shooting, Congressman Renacci says ‘We have to be able to work together’

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.-- Rep. Jim Renacci says security officers returned fire at the gunman who shot Rep. Steve Scalise Wednesday morning.

Republicans and Democrats were holding separate practices for the Congressional Baseball Game when the shooting occurred, injured Scalise, who is the House Majority Whip, and several others.

"What a tragic, tragic morning this is. My thoughts and prayers are with Steve Scalise, a friend of mine," said Renacci, a Republican representing Ohio's 16th district.

According to Renacci, the suspect asked if this was the Republican practice. When the man was informed it was, he began shooting at members of Congress and staff.

"Thank goodness Steve Scalise has the security detail," Renacci said. He said the two security members returned fire and the suspect was killed.

Renacci, like Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), emphasized the importance of the Congressional Baseball Game is breaking down partisanship. He said there will be a dark cloud over the game Thursday night.

"This will bring us together, only for a few days to take us apart again and that's the sad thing about Washington," Renacci said. "Our problems aren't Republican problems, they're not Democrat problems. They're American problems. I say it all the time; We have to be able to work together. The American people are frustrated that partisanship has become so evident now and things don't get done."

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