I TEAM: Why no security cameras at troubled city park?

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has found more trouble at a Cleveland park, and we’ve discovered the city still has not put up any surveillance cameras even though we revealed the security gap a year ago.

We’re investigating at Mercedes Cotner Park off west 95th south of Denison.

Over the weekend, Cleveland Police radio traffic showed officers responding to multiple calls of shots fired at the park. Plus, officers saw large groups of young people carrying sticks and even metal, threatening others and fighting.

However, the park does not have any security cameras. Not one. Yet a year ago, the I TEAM asked questions about security at the park after trouble captured by surveillance cameras on nearby homes.

At the time, Councilman Brian Cummins blamed red tape. He said he’d been badgering the administration. In fact, the I TEAM reviewed memos with city officials talking about cameras going back years. For this story, the Councilman says the city has gotten price quotes for a couple of cameras at the park, but it’s still not clear when the cameras might go up.

We stopped by the mayor’s office at City Hall. A spokesman told us he’s looking into it.

Meantime, parents such as Jeanne Mercer can’t understand the delay. Mercer told the I TEAM, “It’s ridiculous.” She added,” I wish my kids could go over there. My kids can't even go over there."

We’ll keep following this to see when the city finally does install cameras at the park.

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