VIDEO: Police rescue man from burning car as he fights with them

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WICKLIFFE, Ohio – Police rescued a man from a burning car Friday evening, even as he fought with them.

“The officers got a call about a car on fire in the parking lot of the Sunoco off of Euclid,” said Lt. Pat Hengst, of Wickliffe police. “Officers responded and as soon as they got out they were being told somebody was in the vehicle.”

Officers ran to the car and immediately tried to get the driver out of the vehicle, but he wouldn’t budge.

“He put his hands on the steering wheel and refused to get out,” Hengst said.

The officers can be heard on the dash camera video ordering the man to get out of the vehicle. “Come on, get out of the car,” one officer said.

But the man continued to refuse to leave, even though the car was on fire.

“One officer was in the passenger side of the car trying to push him out, and the other officer was trying pull to him out as fire department officials had to spray water because flames were coming out of the floorboards of the car,” Hengst said.

Officers had to Taser the man a few times, before they could get him out.

Once the man got out of the car he became unresponsive and officials had to give him Narcan. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

No charges have been filed and the case remains under investigation.

“This was an unusual case and the officers did a good job. They put themselves in harm's way,” Hengst said.

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