A ‘happily ever after’ for sweet pup who was attacked with bricks and sticks

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CLEVELAND-- We are so happy to tell you there is a happily ever after for a sweet pup named Indiana Bones.

The dog survived being hit by a car and then being beaten with bricks and sticks back in March.

According to the Cleveland APL, back in April, they learned the pup would need surgery on each hip and one on a back knee. He had the first two surgeries and then was sent to a foster care place where he could receive frequent and extensive rehabilitation.

As part of his care, he has been getting holistic treatment including chiropractic care, massage, and water therapy at Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center in Richfield. 

Indiana Bones -- Indy for short -- enjoyed his therapy, according to the APL; he even fell asleep at his first visit!

He made a lasting impression on the doctor who owns the practice, Dr. Neal Sivula.

The APL says Dr. Sivula and his wife, Stephanie, fell in love with Indy and will be adopting him after he has his final surgery in July.

"Currently, he goes to work with them every day and loves it … along with their other animals and everyone he meets. Of course, while he’s “at work,” he has also been receiving ongoing, topnotch care and rehabilitation and is making remarkable progress. As Dr. Sivula put it, “Indy will have a lifetime membership to the gym!”

Now, this is what we call a happily ever after!!!"

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