Kendrick Lamar bought his sister a car and folks got mad

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Dear Internet, stop trying to spend Kendrick Lamar’s money.

One of the hottest rappers in the game is catching flack over an act of kindness.

Lamar recently bought his sister, Kayla Duckworth, a 2017 Toyota Camry as a high school graduation present.

Naturally, she shared the good news.

“Thank you big brother for my graduation gift!” read a post from Duckworth.

But it wouldn’t be social media without haters.

Some people wrote on Twitter that Lamar, whose album “Damn” became the biggest release of 2017 when it sold more than 600,000 in its first week, should have been more generous.

Others came to the Grammy winner’s defense, pointing out what a sweet thing he did by buying his baby sister a safe, reliable car.

This is, after all, a man whose recent hit song is titled “Humble.”

Clearly, those complaining forget that Lamar once rapped: “Girl, I’m Kendrick Lamar/A.K.A. Benz is to me just a car.”