Teacher posts positive signs outside LeBron’s Akron home: ‘I hope that speaks louder than the ignorance’

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SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio - An Akron middle school teacher was so upset and appalled by racist graffiti sprayed on Lebron James' California home that she decided to do something positive.

Jennifer Pennington was horrified while watching the news reports and hearing the pain in James’ voice as he discussed the vile graffiti and the difficulty being so far from his children during such a difficult time.

“I was sick to my stomach,” said Jennifer, who is a new mom herself. “It broke my heart.”

The next day she made multiple large signs with descriptive words praising James and his impact on northeast Ohio.

The signs which read “leader, humanitarian, role model and mentor,” were then posted across the street from James’s Bath Township home, after getting permission from security.

“I just hope it reinforces that there’s more good than bad out there and that he’s supported,” said Jennifer. “And I hope that speaks louder than the ignorance.”

Pictures of the signs quickly went viral and calls started coming in from across the country, but Jennifer didn’t do it for the attention.

Her mother Edith Bowers said, “She was just doing what she would want his sons to see...the good things about their dad.”

Bowers, who was Lebron’s kindergarten teacher says James was always kindhearted and generous from a very early age.

She’s so proud of the man he’s become and also of her daughter's actions now, hoping that Lebron and his family know how much they are all loved and supported.