Ohio City tire thieves caught on surveillance video

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CLEVELAND - "We moved here about a year ago, last April," said Haley Mueller of Ohio City.

But what happened overnight Thursday has her shook.

"My boyfriend was getting up to go to work and he came in and woke me up," said Mueller.

Haley rushed outside her Bridge Avenue home and saw her car on blocks.

"One side was sitting on a cinderblock, the other on a tiny brick so there is a lot of body damage because one side hit the curb," said Meuller.

However, a nearby business' surveillance cameras managed to catch the entire thing on tape.

"They did it in about two minutes, both sides. They came and did the passenger side. The worst part was seeing it drop to the ground because my car is my baby," said Mueller.

Cameras were still rolling about an hour later, then the two guys and one driver came back for the driver side tires.

The video also shows a neighbor park his car and notice the thieves, but he never says anything.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police.