I TEAM: Caught on camera – racing in the streets

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained video showing, on some weekend nights, drag racing or “street racing” goes on for hours at a time.

Certainly, there’s been racing in the streets forever, but folks on the border of Tremont and the Flats say they’ve never seen it quite like this. In fact, they’re seeing growing crowds coming to watch, drink and hang out.

Charlie Honsinger with Potters Industries on West 3rd sees it right in front of his building. He said, "More organized as the year goes on. More spectators. More of a drag strip."

Last year, street racing in Cleveland turned deadly. Police said two drivers sped wildly down West 25th. A man in a wheelchair got hit and killed.

Even Monday morning, a crash led Euclid Police to investigate the possibility of 3 cars racing in the street.

Back on West 3rd, witnesses have seen 3 cars racing side-by-side. It happens even on a road where big trucks rumble through day and night.

Charlie Honsinger said he’s also seen speeding cars squeeze between a hydrant and a big gas line on the sidewalk in front of his building.

People in the area say they’ve complained to Cleveland Police, the Highway Patrol and even the sheriff’s department. It may not be a new problem, but there appears to be a new boldness.

Cleveland Police did not respond to questions from the I TEAM for this story.