‘He is the prize jewel’: JR Smith pushes LeBron to safety during fan brawl at Game 2

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OAKLAND, Calif. — The action didn’t stop after the final buzzer of Game 2 of the NBA Finals Sunday.

Fans got into a shoving match as LeBron James and the rest of the team was heading to the locker room after their 132-113 loss in Oakland.

When a small group of fans started brawling as the team made its way to the tunnel, JR Smith pushed James out of the way.

Smith told USA TODAY Sports that “it was too close.”

“Yeah, I pushed him,” he said. “I wanted to be sure he was out of there. He is the prize jewel right there. It doesn’t matter if I get hurt. It matters if he gets hurt.”

The fans were quickly stopped by security before the rest of the team entered the tunnel.

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