Deputy rescues four dogs found chained and in cages without food or water

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VERMILION TOWNSHIP, Ohio-­- An Erie County sheriff deputy made a rescue that’s now turned into a mystery.

Four dogs left abandoned and starving were found in a barn off of West Lake Road Sunday afternoon.

Two of the dogs were chained to a wall, and two were in cages.

“We got a call from a gentleman that was concerned about the dogs,” said Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. “The man that called us knew the dogs were in there but said he hadn’t seen anyone go in the barn and check on them for close to a week.”

The sheriff and Erie County Dog Warden Barb Knapp obtained a search warrant and went inside the barn to check on the four dogs.

“They looked malnourished,” Knapp said. “They had no food, no water, and it was very warm inside of the barn.”

The dog warden took the dogs back to the kennel. They were given food and water.
“We are also having a veterinarian come and check on them to find out if they need any medical attention,” Knapp said.

The sheriff said they do not know who owns the dogs.

“We are trying to find the owner,” the sheriff said. “Maybe he left on vacation, thinking someone was going to watch and take care of them, and they didn’t. We don’t know but we need the owner to call us.”