Officer ‘roped’ in to jump roping while on patrol, shows off moves

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Caught on camera, a local police officer just went to new heights to connect with kids at an elementary school.

In fact, Strongsville Sgt. Lee Colegrove's technique even had the students jumping for joy.

"It actually made my day," Colegrove told Fox 8.

Colegrove, who was on routine patrol, stopped at Whitney Elementary Thursday morning when he saw several students outside in the playground area.

"I asked what they were doing and one young lady told me they were jump roping and asked me to join," Colegrove said.

"I didn't realize Strongsville has two clubs, the Strongsville Jump Rope Club and Heartbeats Jump Rope Team," Colegrove said with a laugh. "They had real skills."

But Colegrove did pretty well himself and his jump roping techniques were caught on this cell phone video. The crowd of more than a hundred students were thrilled that he took part.

"I couldn't be more proud of him," said Strongsville Chief Mark Fender. " When I saw this video it made me smile. This is what community policing is all about, taking part in events like this one."

Fender says Strongsville Mayor Thomas Perciak encourages the department to take part in community policing .

"We want the children to get to know us so if something happens they know they can call," Fender said.