Wild turkeys taking over neighborhood near high school in Huron

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HURON, Ohio-- A gang of wild turkeys has been taking over a Huron neighborhood, and randomly terrorizing residents.

The three large “toms” and one smaller “hen” were first spotted near the woods off Jim Campbell Blvd about two years ago, according to neighbors, but lately have become increasingly more aggressive.

Police have responded to multiple calls in the area which includes Huron High School and their practice fields, where the turkeys have charged at students.

They’ve also chased a woman’s vehicle down the driveway and nearly knocked a man off of his bicycle by pecking at his legs.

“It kind of scares you,” said Rosalie Kaman, who lives on the street with her husband Bill, “When I go to the garage I have to wait until they’re out of the way so I can dash in there.”

Law enforcement has been working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources trying to trap and relocate the turkeys using net guns, but so far the birds have been too fast.

They stand 3-4 ft in height, can run up to 20 mph and fly high into the tall trees.

“Boy, they can go over those trees,” said Bill Kaman, “You can’t believe it.”

Wildlife experts suspect people may have been feeding the turkeys.

That causes wild turkeys to think they’re at the top of the pecking order, and keep coming back for more.

To avoid problems the experts' tips include: never feed wild turkeys; secure any sources of food like garbage cans and bird feeders; and scream loudly, while waving your arms the very first time you see them.

Law enforcement plans to continue trying to wrangle the birds and has asked the public to keep their distance.

Rosalie says despite all of the troubles they’ll be sad to see them go.

“Oh, we’ll miss them,” said Rosalie, “They haven’t hurt anybody that I’m aware of; they just scare people.”

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