King’s Island says woman’s viral post about attempted abduction at park wasn’t true

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MASON, Ohio — If you’ve seen a post on social media warning about an attempted abduction at King’s Island: the post is inaccurate, according to the park.

WDTN reports that a woman posted on Facebook that a man was taking pictures of her kids and that a young girl was almost snatched there on Monday.

The woman said in her post that she took her toddler to the park, and as they rode rides, a man was taking photos of them.

She says she informed one rider operator who called security. But she said that when she and her child were walking out of the park, she was told that a man had just snatched a girl from her family. The girl’s father was nearby, said the woman, and was able to grab her back.

Kings Island told WDTN that the post is “inaccurate.” Mason police also say there is no validity to the post.

WDTN said the woman has since deleted the post and wrote a new one that said she didn’t expect to “generate the drama that followed. Just intended to make people aware that the danger is real and out there.”

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