Video shows man get into fight with student he believes is bullying stepson

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PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio-- A local man is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a student at Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights.

Police say video shows the 35-year-old man arriving at the school after learning his son was allegedly being bullied.

As the man walked through the lunchroom area, he was confronted by a 16-year-old student. The two went nose to nose and exchanged words. The man appeared to strike the teen, who then came back at the man.

They bounced off of a wall and the teen landed on top of the man as they hit the floor.

Parma Heights police officers who work at the school were there seconds after the confrontation and handcuffed the man. He was taken into custody for questioning. Police say he had the right idea by reporting the bullying complaint, but then made a crucial mistake when he was confronted by the student.

"Oh I think the juvenile is definitely out of bounds. Not criminally out of bounds, but he shouldn't have said anything to this male walking through the cafeteria and he did; that's wrong. And then he confronts and walks towards the male, which is wrong, but criminally where he crossed the line was putting hands on this juvenile student; that's where criminally he went wrong," said Captain Steve Scharschmidt.

The Parma City School District issued a statement that indicated the suspect was properly signed in at the entrance to the building, and that per district policy, he was escorted by an employee while he was inside the building.

Investigators say the case provides an important lesson for parents who believe their child is being bullied.

"You want to confront these bullies, and you just have to take the high road. I mean you really have to do it the right way, and go through administrators and the police department, because certainly, you're just making matters worse for him, for you and that's just not the way you want to resolve this issue."

Police are considering charges against the parent.

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