Local police offering help to opioid addicts

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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS – Police on Thursday will be launching a Safe Passage Program for those addicted to Opioids.

“Over the past several years, opiate overdose has been a major public health concern in Cuyahoga County,” said Newburgh Heights Police Chief John Majoy. “We are dealing with it everyday. Just this week I was driving to the uniform store and I saw cars pulled over on the side of the road. I stopped to help and learned a person had just overdosed.”

The chief said he is hoping this program will help reduce the number of fatal overdoses. Anyone who needs treatment can go to the Newburgh Heights Police Department and ask for help.

“We will then work to get them into an in-treatment facility,” Majoy said.

Similar programs started late last year in Olmsted Township and Berea.

Berea Officer David Kammerman said the program is the best project he has worked on in his 16 year career.

“We have had 72 people take part already and Olmsted Township has had more than 20,” Kammerman said. “This is working. There are people that want help and we can direct them in the right direction.”