Social media outcry over veteran’s funeral visitation held without a coffin

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA – The family of a deceased Georgia Vietnam War veteran says that their loved one has been disrespected by a Georgia funeral home, after the man wasn’t displayed in a coffin for visitation – but on a gurney instead.

George Taylor’s son, James, says that because of a $9-thousand payment, Heritage Funeral Home said that they could not provide a coffin. He agreed to the arrangement of laying his father out on the gurney with an American flag draped over him, but he wasn’t happy about it.

“At first we were okay with it but like I told the guy, I said this was very disrespectful to my dad,” said James Taylor.

Then this picture was shared on social media.

James also said the funeral home wouldn’t bury his father until the payment was made.

The funeral home, however, says that they did nothing wrong. “We were trying to honor the request and let them have some closure by viewing their loved one, yes absolutely.”

A claim that the deceased man’s sister-in-law agrees with. Beverly Roe said that she was fine with the way George Taylor looked during the visitation.  “His son was too. We shook on it. The three of us shook on it and then all of a sudden, somebody comes in and wants to stir up trouble.”

Eventually, the two sides came to an agreement, and Taylor was buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, in a coffin.

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