Perfect Mother’s Day video: preemie hippo Fiona gets to rub noses with mom

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Cutest nose rub ever!

Fiona, the hippo who was born 6 weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in January, finally got to interact with her mom, Bibi on this Mother’s Day.

At birth, she weighed just 29 pounds, far below the normal hippo birth weight. She had to be bottle fed, kept warm and taught to swim. She also received some lifesaving IV fluid treatments.

But the news is all good, as of last week, Fiona weighed in at 227 pounds!

She is doing so well that her caretakers have begun to scale back their hands on time with her….and she got to interact with mom without the protective mesh between them. There is still a barrier of sorts up to make absolutely sure she is safe.

The ultimate goal, according to the Zoo, is to reunite the two.

Happy Mother’s Day, Bibi!

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