Elderly woman carjacked was picking up a friend for church

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CLEVELAND - An elderly woman, 97, was rushed to the hospital Sunday morning after she was the victim of an assault and carjacking, according to Cleveland police.

Witnesses tell Fox 8 the woman was picking up a friend for a church service this Mother's Day.

Police have not officially released the victim's identity, but as of Sunday evening a University Hospitals' spokesperson said she is in stable condition.

A friend of the elderly woman, who is known as Miss B, tells Fox 8 the woman was coming to pick her up in the 10-thousand block of Hathaway Avenue, near Superior.

"She comes to pick me up on Sundays but she doesn't usually get out of the car but this time she was bringing something to me she's bringing me a meal," said Miss B.

"By the time she went back to the car there was this person lying in wait."

"The neighbors had picked her up from the ground she hurt her knee because he had knocked her to the ground and she was bleeding," she added.

The elderly victim was taken to University Hospitals for treatment.

"The bottom line you need give yourself up, you have a lot of people looking for you," said Khalid Samad,  an advocate for peaceful neighborhoods, to the suspect.

Police have not made any arrests in this case as of yet.

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