‘Creepiest neighborhood in the world:’ photographer documents homes abandoned after flood

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ALBERTA, Canada – An Alberta, Canada neighborhood known as “Beachwood Estates” used to be thriving, full of families living their lives. But thanks to a flood in 2013, it is essentially a modern-day ghost town – abandoned and eerily silent, the families long gone.

Photographer Seph Lawless captured these images on a recent trip to the neighborhood, which was declared a complete loss after the flood. Of the 94 homes, 54 were scheduled to be demolished, 26 were auctioned off and 14 other homes are still in limbo.

Anyone buying one of the homes, at a fraction of their value, must move the home from the neighborhood. The province’s government is currently reimbursing displaced homeowners as well as trying to recover whatever money they can from the flood-ravaged area.

As Lawless describes it, these photos are “a sobering reminder of what happens when mankind tries to exercise eminent domain over Mother Nature.”


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