Police release dash cam video as search continues for suspect in deadly shooting of college student

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KENT, Ohio --  Hours of dash camera video show the chaotic moments following a weekend party as Kent police officers responded to help Portage County deputies after a party erupted into a fatal shooting.

Deputies said they were called to the scene in Franklin Township simply to quiet down a large party at which hundreds of young men and women, many of them college students, gathered late Friday.

While the deputies were there a gunshot was fired from inside a home where the party was taking place.

"There were people literally jumping out windows. They had broken down part of the fence around the patio to get out; anybody that had fallen down some people had gotten trampled on by party goers trying to get out of the area so it was for right after that gunshot went off it was," said Portage County Lieutenant Gregory Johnson.

The dash camera video shows people wandering around the property as officers were ordering them to move dozens of cars so ambulances could get to the victims.

Jayquon Tillman, 18, of Cleveland was fatally shot. A female attending the party from Columbus was shot in the leg. She was treated at a local hospital.

The person who fired the shot vanished into the night, along with hundreds of others who were there for the party.

Investigators say many of them found out about the gathering from social media and simply showed up.

"Right prior to the gunshot going off there was a group of young men that seemed to have some type of a disturbance; we don't know what caused that to occur. It is believed that is where the gunshot came from," said Johnson.

On Thursday, investigators were still pleading with anyone who witnessed the shooting to share what they saw.

"We are dealing with a younger group of people and regrettably they are not always the most cooperative with law enforcement and I'm not saying it's because they don't like law enforcement; it's just the fact is they are sometimes worried they are going to become at risk," said Johnson.

"I do know for a fact that people know who did this; it's just a question of are they going to be able to come forward?" he added.

"They have to understand that it could be a friend that they may not want to tell on but they have to understand what Jayquon's family is dealing with."

Johnson said investigators believe Tillman was not a part of the group that was arguing prior to the shot being fired, but was nearby.

"We are not to the point in the investigation that I can say it was intentional or accidental. It could have been an accident, that he was not meant to be a target but they have to understand that somebody is walking around that took another man's life and there needs to be some accountability," added Johnson.

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