Fire destroys maintenance building at local golf course

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CARLISLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio — It’s too soon to know how a fire at the Carlisle Golf Course will impact operations.

Firefighters from the Carlisle Township Fire Department were called to the Lorain County golf course around 12:30 a.m. Thursday for reports of a house fire with people inside.

When they arrived they found the fire was actually in the maintenance building for the golf course just a few feet from the house.

A witness told Fox 8 that firefighters kicked in the door of the house to wake the people inside up.

Firefighters said both occupants were out and accounted for.

Fire departments from LaGrange, Elyria, South Amherst, and Oberlin also responded to the scene.

According to firefighters, the nearest water source was more than a mile away, so tankers were used to bring water to the fire.

Firefighters never went into the building. Instead, they fought the flames from the outside. They said they weren’t sure what was inside the building but several minor explosions lead them to believe there were gas-powered gas tanks inside.

The maintenance building was destroyed in the fire. The neighboring house had minor damage.

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