Superheroes fight grime instead of crime to cheer up hospital patients

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AKRON, Ohio – Comic book superheroes were spotted in Northeast Ohio Monday.

But instead of fighting crime, they were fighting grime - on windows!

The larger-than-life crimefighters rappelled down the six-story high front windows outside Akron Children’s hospital, mastering the squeegee, and hamming it up for onlookers.

Heather Cappy, who played the role of “Super Girl” said, "It makes my year every year doing it, 'cause the smiles and everything, it just melts your heart."

The comic book characters took over duties from the hospital’s regular window washers from American National Skyline, much to the delight of young patients watching from the atrium lobby and from hospital beds.

"She was all excited about the girls. She wanted to see Wonder Woman," said parent Julia Davis.

After the rappel, the superheroes visited patient rooms, delivering gift bags and sharing inspiration that only superheroes can convey to kids enduring health challenges that often require super-human strength and bravery.

Cappy says,"They truly think that we're superheroes. So it makes their day, it makes our day and for a day we get to be a superhero for them."

This is the 5th time Akron Children’s hospital has sponsored this event.