Little girl with prosthetic leg gets beautiful reaction when she walks on playground

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BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom — It is a moment of sheer beauty and true compassion.

BBC Midlands Today shot video of a 7-year-old in Birmingham walking onto the school playground with her new pink prosthetic leg for the first time — and the reaction from her friends is priceless.

The video shows them excitedly hugging Anu.

“Is that your new pink leg?” one girl is heard asking. “Wow!”

The video was posted on the BBC Midlands Today Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s been shared and liked tens of thousands of times.

“Melted my heart,” one man wrote on Twitter.

“Love, love, love this! And what a snazzy leg. Great stuff,” another woman said.

Countless people said the video made them tear up or cry.

Watch the full story of Anu in the below video: