Sheriff’s office: Man enters home, discharges fire extinquisher, prays with resident

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EAST UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A bizarre case prompted the Wayne County Sheriff's Office to issue a reminder for residents to lock their doors.

In a video posted on the Wayne County Sheriff's Facebook page, Capt. Doug Hunter said a 20-year-old man walked into the home of an East Union Township couple, discharged a fire extinguisher and then laid at the foot of their bed.

"Shortly thereafter the man of the house and the intruder had a short time of prayer before the intruder left into the darkness," Hunter said.

After leaving the house, Hunter said the man stole a golf cart from a nearby business.

When deputies pulled over the golf cart, the man identified himself as "Jesus."

Things got very strange in a hurry.

"The man stated he wanted to fornicate with the deputies," Hunter said. "The deputies just were not interested in having that type of relationship with the man."

Hunter said the man was handcuffed and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

The man faces a number of charges for allegedly entering the home and stealing the golf cart.

"This case should serve as a reminder to lock your doors, because you never know who might be wandering about and just might walk into your home," Hunter said.

The sheriff's office doesn't think the man intended to steal anything from the home or harm anyone. They suspect he was on drugs or having a serious mental issue.