Village of Brady Lake votes to dissolve itself

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PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio - What was once known as Brady Lake Village in Portage County is no longer.

According to once Mayor Hal Lehman, people in the village voted Tuesday night to dissolve the village.

"It tears me apart, there are a lot of other people who are sick about it. I grew up here, I've been Mayor for over 20 years," said Lehman.

This quiet, quaint village of around 400 people has been around for 90 years.

So, how did it get to this point?

"Finances. Over the years we've lost money from the state funds. We are the highest taxpayers in Portage County for as small as we are," said Lehman.

"The village needed to go, to be dissolved. But not this way, not this quick," said Jack Hoover, resident.

Residents like Hoover are second guessing their vote after finding out the village can't get their roads fixed now.

"The people did vote last November to have the roads done. Well, the state's attorney for the bond issue notified us a few days ago that they couldn't start until the voting had taken place," said Lehman.

Lehman thinks the village will eventually become part of Franklin Township.

But in the meantime, any village services will stop.

"We dissolve. Just like you put Alka Seltzer in a glass of water. We are gone and we've been a community forever," said Lehman.‚Äč

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