‘We were left in the dark’: Parents looking for answers after children injured on school bus

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ALLIANCE, Ohio -- A group of parents in Alliance are angry after their children were injured on a school bus and they weren't told about it. The school system is investigating what went wrong.

All of the students went to the hospital after complaining of pain.

That includes 8-year-old Devon Garcia who said he was still in pain a day after he was knocked out of his school bus seat.

The bus from Rockhill Elementary was not too far from his home when the driver had to make a sudden stop on Forest Avenue. Devon said the stop was so hard, he flew out of his seat, and he wasn't the only one.

Devon and at least four other children on the bus were hurt and came home crying to their parents. The parents called Rockhill Elementary to find out what happened. Devon's mom, Anna, said even people at the school didn't know.

"We were just left in the dark. The school did not call the police department; the police department was not called until five children showed up at the hospital to get checked for this accident," said Anna Garcia, Devon's mother.

That's also about the time Alliance Schools found out and the superintendent, Jeffrey Talbert, said they immediately launched an investigation.

Talbert said the safety of the children on buses and school grounds is always top priority. He said GPS, video and audio systems, which are on all school buses, are being reviewed. "We have policies and procedures in place and we will continue to follow them; those policies are put in place because we hold our employees to the highest safety standards."

Devon stayed home from school Friday so his mom could take him back to the hospital because he was still in pain. Anna Garcia said no matter what happened on that school bus, the driver not reporting that children were injured is simply unacceptable.

"It's just a messed-up situation. My son was scared. Why wasn't I told right away? Why does my eight-year-old son have to answer all the questions for me? There's an adult who's accountable for all these kids," Garcia said.

The school district said it's too early to say whether any action will be taken against the driver of the bus.