Internal documents give another glimpse inside Tamir Rice shooting investigation

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CLEVELAND-- Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis says he wants the public to know the findings of the report written by members of the Critical Incident Review Committee after they completed an administrative investigation of the 2014 Cleveland police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

The CIRC is comprised of police command staff, civilians, and police officers.

The committee was asked by city officials to do the investigation.

“The committee was put together to review the criminal investigation, the extensive criminal investigation, our policies, training and to see if there were any rule violations and they clearly, unanimously agreed that there wasn’t,” Loomis said.

The report stated the committee found there were “no apparent rule or policy violations” made by Frank Garmback, or Timothy Loehmann, the two officers involved.

“The face of the mater is these officers did nothing wrong,” Loomis said.

Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Loehmann on November 22, 2014 at the Cudell Recreation Center. The officers were sent to the location after a person called 911 saying they saw a male waving a gun.

Loomis provided Fox 8 with 21 pages of the report, which he says was all the city gave to the union after a public record’s request.

We asked the city public information officer if this was the complete report, and he declined to answer saying the internal part of the case is still ongoing. The two officers involved are facing administrative charges, not related to the actual shooting.

Loomis said one officer had his discipline hearing already, and the second officer is scheduled to have his in a few weeks.

The report stated the tactics used by the officers were reasonable.

But Atty. Subodh Chandra , who represents the family disagrees, and released the following statement.

"This report represents an incompetently executed whitewash given that it, among other things, uncritically treats as gospel officer statements that the video of the shooting and other officer statements contradict. For example, Loehmann says in his video Garrity statement that he opened his door and was shouting commands all along as the car was driving up to Tamir, which he contradicted in his written, un-cross-examined statement to the grand jury, when he said he had not opened the door or begun yelling commands until the car was sliding to a stop. The video shows neither scenario.

When was the last time the police division or union engaged in intellectually honest, self-critical analysis?"

Both officers stated that they believed Rice had a real gun. They found out after the shooting, the gun was an air soft pistol.

A grand jury declined to indict the officers.

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