Eight vehicles set on fire in Akron in two weeks

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AKRON, Ohio-- In the past two weeks, someone torched eight parked vehicles in the city of Akron. Police are trying to track down the people responsible before they cause hardships for another car owner, or worse.

The most recent car fire was captured by a resident just after midnight Thursday in the 1700 block of Brown Street in the Firestone Park section of Akron. Police and firefighters arrived to find a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer in flames.

"My husband came outside to leave for work and he walked out to my van, fully engulfed in flames," Terri Hastings said.

Around 5 a.m. Wednesday, Larry and Terri Hastings awoke to find her 2005 Chevrolet Uplander burning in their driveway on Fawler Avenue in Akron's Kenmore neighborhood.

"When I approached that gate, it was pretty much glowing," Larry Hastings said.

"My husband got out with a garden hose. He was the hero. He got it out right away because his car was parked right next to it. It could've been both cars. We're very lucky," said his wife.

The inside of Terri's van was destroyed. Investigators said they believe the fire started in the front passenger seat.

"The fire department came and explained to us they had just left another car fire two blocks away from here, that they had just put out, that it was arson, it was set," Terri Hastings said.

Many of the car fires occurred in the Kenmore area, and were SUVs. Some of them had been stolen.

"We have two dogs. They never barked. They were very quiet," Terri Hastings said.

"They were in both cars. Both glove boxes were open. Both had been rummaged through...Didn't find anything in either one. Neither car was locked," said her husband.

The Hastings said insurance will reimburse them for the value of the van, but not enough to replace it.

"It's caused a real hardship for us. We both work full time. Work very hard and we just don't have extra money to pour into vehicles," Terri Hastings said.

The Hastings said they will look into installing security cameras and more lighting on their property.

Anyone with information about these fires should call Akron police.