Local mom shares story of 4-year-old twins born with different skin tones

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BROOKFIELD, Ohio -- Four-year-old twins, Olivia and Riley Torres, look nothing alike.

"She has brown eyes and I have blue eyes," said Riley about her sister. "She has curly hair and I have straight hair."

That's not the only difference between the two.They were born with different skin tones. Olivia's mocha skin is a compliment of her Puerto Rican father while Riley is the image of her Caucasian mother.

"I wondered if they gave me the wrong babies at first," said the twins' mother, Michelle Zahniser.

Zahniser saw a story on Fox 8 about a set of biracial twins born with different skin tones from Illinois and reached out to tell us her girls were born the same way.

"I get different reactions some people say I'm lying, 'they're not twins,' some try to sugar coat it and say they look alike," said Zahniser.

The girls born on Mother's Day are gearing up to celebrate their 5th birthday. Zahniser says her daughters are the best of both worlds.

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