Brunswick church focuses on heroin epidemic during Sunday service

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio– Father Bob Stec at St. Ambrose Church in Brunswick wanted his parishioners to learn an important lesson: No one is immune to the heroin and opioid epidemic.

He declared the day “Heroin Sunday” and took the opportunity to tell his congregation about National Drug Drop Off Day on April 29.

“This is a crisis that is literally cutting across our region. It’s cutting across every religion, denomination and socioeconomic reality,” Stec told FOX 8 News following the services.

He said leaders of all faiths have counseled families after the loss of loved ones to addiction. Often times, family members feel they should have done more to help.

“It is a darkness. It is a grip so gray that unless we get everybody engaged and realize, one, it’s all of us need to be aware. And two, all of us need to be involved,” Stec said.

He said he wants everyone to do these three things: Take the time to learn about opiods, clean out your medicine cabinets and pray for our first responders.

“My prayer is that this crisis is so great that it will unite us together to work together to be a force of goodness, a force of God’s grace, to break the grip that this has both, on our region and our state and our country,” Stec said.

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