Man who killed gas station owner sentenced

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The man found guilty of killing a Parma gas station owner was sentenced in a Cleveland courtroom Thursday morning to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 50 years.

On November 28, 2015, authorities said Logan Sinclair murdered 51-year-old Robert Sposit, while robbing the Sunoco on Pearl Road. Three citizens helped police capture the suspect when he fled the scene.

Sposit's wife spoke in court before the sentencing. "We had big plans to grow old together. I'd give anything to hear his voice again."

She said the family will carry this with them for their rest of their lives.

"Time heals nothing. It would be wrong for him to get out of prison and live his life when Bob can't; we ask this court for justice -- life without parole. I hate that he's still breathing, because I know Nov. 28 was not his first time; that was only his first time getting caught. He chose this. He walked into the gas station with a loaded gun; he knew what he was doing. It's just evil. I want him to feel pain every day that he's in prison like my family feels. I want the rest of his life to be pure hell; he owns this, your honor. Anything less than 50 years would not be justice for Bob because Bob didn't deserve this."

Sinclair apologized to the victim's family and his own family before he was sentenced.

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