I-Team: The final hunt for Facebook murder suspect

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The FOX 8 I-Team is uncovering what happened in the hours and final moments that led to the end of the manhunt for Steve Stephens, the man suspected of killing an innocent senior citizen in Cleveland Sunday and posting the video on Facebook.

Police say Stephens shot himself to death while being chased by Pennsylvania state troopers in Erie. And we’ve learned investigators had a feeling they might find Stephens there because they’d been following the money.

Sources close to the case tell the I-Team, Stephens spent a lot of time at casinos in Cleveland, around Ohio, and specifically at the Presque Isle Downs in Erie.

Meantime, while investigators looked for the suspect’s car, they also went back to the car dealer. They went there to follow the money in a different way as they asked about credit cards and credit reports.

Multiple sources say a fast food worker gave police the tip that led to the end of the manhunt.

Police radio recordings show a broadcast of “Units, PSP is behind a white Ford Fusion.” Not long after that, you hear, ”Alright, sounds like they're stopped...looks like there's one guy down in the white car."

For days, dispatchers have been swamped with tips from citizens calling in possible sightings of Steve Stephens. And, although the case began with a killing seen on Facebook, social media made the case tricky to investigate. Suddenly, fake sites popped up in the name of Steve Stephens.

At the same time, police found themselves with no signal from the suspect’s phone and no GPS signal coming from any device in the car.

Ultimately, a tip led to a chase. It happened where investigators felt they had reason to watch because of the casino nearby.

Now, detectives will try to retrace the steps of Steve Stephens and determine where he had been since the shooting started all of this on Sunday.

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