Cleveland police update on search for suspect in Facebook murder

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CLEVELAND-- The Cleveland Division of Police is searching for the suspect who shot and killed a man live on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

Steve Stephens (Photo courtesy: Cleveland police)

The murder happened on East 93rd in Cleveland. Police said the shooter broadcasted the deadly shooting live on his social media page and claimed to have committed other homicides. Police are still investigating those claims.

Cleveland police identified the suspect as Steve Stephens. He is 6 foot 1, weighs 244 pounds and is bald with a full beard. He is wearing a dark blue, and gray or black striped polo shirt.

He is driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags.

The suspect is considered armed and dangerous. If seen, do not approach. Call 911 immediately.

The Cleveland Division of the FBI said it is assisting in the investigation, as well as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:25 pm

The news conference is scheduled to start at 6:25 p.m., but it does not appear it will begin on time.

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:35 pm

We’re still waiting on the news conference to start. The division of police said Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief Calvin Williams will speak. 

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:43 pm

Jackson gives his condolences to the family of the victim. 

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:44 pm

Mayor Jackson says they are communicating to him and that he will be caught. “He need not do anymore harm.”

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:45 pm

Chief Williams says Steve Stephens need to turn himself in. “Everybody is out there looking for Steve.”

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:45 pm

“We have all of our partners in on this and we will look until we find him,” Williams says.

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:46 pm

Williams encourages Stephens to reach out to clergy and turn himself in.

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:46 pm

Chief Williams says there are no other victims that they know of. They have checked other locations. If you have information on Stephens’ whereabouts or any other victims, call 911.

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:47 pm

Williams says Cleveland police are riding with two officers in a car and in partnership with other agencies. 

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:48 pm

Williams says they are in touch with a lot of the suspect’s family members and friends. 

Jen Steer April 16, 20176:50 pm

Williams says there hasn’t been an official sighting of Steve Stephens since the incident happened. The vehicle is a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags.