‘Can’t imagine this happening’: Woman becomes life-saver during romantic first date

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A first date at a Cheesecake Factory turned into a rescue mission for one woman and a waitress at a Cheesecake Factory in Missouri.

WDAF reports that Janie Hall, who lives in Joplin, met her date online. She traveled over 2 hours to meet him for a lunch date last week at the restaurant.

She said the date went very well, and they ended up staying at the restaurant long after their meals.

That's when she said things took a scary turn.

“He coughed three times, stood up, and just fell face first into the floor,” she told WDAF. “His entire body was stiff.”

Hall, who is healthcare professor and a former respiratory therapist, went to help her date. Waitress Becca Bartholomew also stepped in, helping Hall to roll the man over.

He'd stopped breathing, so the two women then began CPR to get a pulse back. The man's pulse returned just as paramedics arrived.

“That`s where the goose bumps begin,” Hall told WDAF. “We were not supposed to be at that restaurant. She was at the end of a shift that had offered to cover for somebody else. She was not supposed to be at that restaurant. The chances of us being at a restaurant that was two-tenths of a mile away from a hospital.”

Hall said that her date is recovering and has already asked her out on a second date.

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