‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s wildly wrong guess goes viral

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Wheel of Fortune” can be a treasure trove of hilarious contestant mishaps, and the last couple weeks have not disappointed.

In the most recent incident Tuesday night, the category given was living things. With “_O_EYS _CK _E  B_S_” on the board, contestant Melinda confidently buzzed in and guessed, “popsicle bike.”

The living thing Melinda might have named for the win, was honeysuckle bush. Popsicle bike, while technically incorrect, was clearly a crowd favorite, however. Was she thinking of a bike made of popsicles? A bike shaped like a popsicle? A bike built for selling popsicles?

With so many questions, people of course took to Twitter with their own reactions:

Another “Wheel of Fortune” fail occurred just a few weeks ago and also went viral.

Ellen DeGeneres even invited the contestant who made the mistake onto her show to give him the chance to redeem himself.

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