University of Akron freshman softball player throws no-hitter

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AKRON, Ohio -- It’s a day 19-year-old Lexie Handley from Mogadore may never forget.

“It was really great because a bunch of my family from out of town was at our game," Handley said.

Lexie is a freshman on the University of Akron softball team. She was the starting pitcher against Eastern Michigan last weekend.

“I felt good. I had a good warm-up that day; obviously you don’t plan for that kind of stuff,” said Handley.

The Zips were up 6-0 heading to the third inning with Lexie still on the mound.

“I think the thing we noticed was how consistent she was," said Akron pitching coach Julie Boyes.

“I think I threw about 95 percent curveballs, which is pretty normal,” Handley said.

Lexie ran into a little trouble in the fifth inning when she hit an Eastern Michigan batter, giving the Eagles their second base runner of the game.

“Nobody said a word, so that was really good to not hear, I guess,” said Handley.

The Zips and Eagles headed to the 7th inning; Lexie was still on the mound for the Zips who were leading 9-0.

“Definitely the 7th inning I thought to myself, I said, 'Lexie, don’t mess it up,'" Handley said.

“That last inning was probably the most calming because she had it; you knew it; you saw it as soon as she stepped on the mound," said Boyes.

Lexie finished off Eastern Michigan 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 7th to record her first no-hit shutout. It’s the first time it’s happened at Akron in 8 years.

“My defense really stepped up, especially that game," Handley said. "They really played really well; I can’t emphasize that enough.”

It was the perfect ending to a nearly perfect game.