‘Our angel in disguise’: Teacher saves girl when she starts choking in class

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WINDHAM, Ohio -- It was an ordinary day on Thursday at Katherine Thomas Elementary School in Mrs. Reid’s 4th grade math class.

On Tuesday, it was anything but.

“The kids were all busy," said 4th grade teacher Lisa Reid. "We had been working for at least a half hour.”

Mrs. Reid’s students were taking their state tests.

“I was sitting down and focusing on my test,” said 4th grader, Patricia McConville.

Each kid was given a treat to enjoy while taking the exam.

“Patty came up to me kind of quickly,” Reid said.

“I felt like I was going to pass out; it felt really scary," said Patricia.

“I thought, 'oh my gosh; are you choking,' because she was just making a really odd sound," said Reid. "I just came behind her and I did the Heimlich once and it didn't work."

“She did it the second time and it shot out of my mouth," Patricia said.

Principal Sheri Gross is praising Lisa Reid’s heroic act.

“She is a hero and I’ve told her this morning," said Gross. "I told her yesterday, you are a hero; you are a star; you are a lifesaver.”

Patricia’s mom, Julie Herr, was beyond grateful that her daughter’s teacher sprang to action when her daughter was in need.

“I literally looked at her as our angel in disguise that day," said Herr.

They say every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets its wings. On Tuesday, Lisa Reid received hers.

“I can count on the teachers to make sure my kids get home safely to me every single day,” Herr said.