LIVE VIDEO: As April’s delivery approaches, keepers provide behind the scenes tour

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Live Video

HARPURSVILLE, New York — The vet for April the giraffe said Wednesday night that “all the signs of birth happening within the coming days” are there.

He even urged the Animal Adventure Park Facebook followers to “rest with one eye open.”

Meanwhile, on the park’s YouTube page, owner Jordan Patch provided a behind the scenes tour of the giraffe’s temporary home.

He described April as “very agreeable” and said she has one of the best demeanors they’ve ever seen in a giraffe.

What about boyfriend and father of her baby Oliver? Not so much. Patch said while keepers can interact with April inside her pen, they are much more careful in their interactions with Oliver.

You can take the behind the scenes tour in this YouTube video.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the live feed. The baby is coming soon!