Afternoon shootings claim the life of two teens on Cleveland’s east side

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CLEVELAND--The east side of Cleveland was a battleground over the weekend as bullets flew near businesses and into residential neighborhoods. After the two days of violence, three people are dead, according to Cleveland police.

Four others were wounded.

All the shootings happened in the middle of the day Saturday and Sunday, not even a mile apart.

There were three crime scenes regarding Sunday's violence, around 4:30 pm.

Cleveland police officers were stationed with caution tape at E. 75th and Kinsman Road, Charles V. Carr Pl. and Rouse, and also at E. 72nd Pl. and Bell.

Cleveland Police tell Fox 8 that four people were shot in that rash of violence Sunday. Two males, 17 and 19 years old, were pronounced dead.

"Several of the family members that showed up who have children that I've been ...involved in this tragic incident of senselessness. I've known them for years and we're trying to work with them to find out what's going on," said Khalid Samad of the Peacemakers Alliance.

Since there were two cases of multiple shootings on the east side of Cleveland over the weekend, many wonder if they are all related.

Police are investigating all of the shootings, but have not said if any of them are related, or what the motive might be.

"It's really heartbreaking, because somebody's mother has got to go to sleep and think, they can't wake up to their child," said Wilbert Axson, who lives near the Charles V. Carr Pl. crime scene.

On Saturday a 62-year-old male victim died at University Hospitals, according to CPD.

Two others were shot in that situation, including a juvenile.

After Saturday's violence, a red SUV was riddled with bullet holes in the Woodland Place Plaza parking lot at the intersection of Woodland Ave. and E. 79th.

Officers at that time looked for evidence just down the road at Woodland and E. 89th, another crime scene.

Traffic was rerouted for a few hours during the investigation.

"Stop the madness and put the guns down and we've got to deal with this culture that's out here now; it's rampant," Samad said.

"Gangs and all that, they need to wake up and understand that it's a life for somebody else."

Cleveland Police have not released any information about any suspects or arrests.

Conditions of other four wounded individuals are unknown.

Police have not released any of the identities of the victims in these cases.

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