Coyote concerns grow after another incident in Lakewood

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- There is more concern tonight about coyotes in Lakewood. People in that city have seen them three times already this year: one in January, one in February, and an incident that took place this week when a coyote hopped a fence and landed in a family's backyard.

It happened on Nicholson, not far from the lake. The homeowners chased it and it jumped over the fence and sped away.

Animal control says they are looking for an alpha male and female, which are not as timid as other coyotes.

In February, a coyote attacked two small dogs in Lakewood. The experts are setting traps; they think the coyotes have a den somewhere along the lakeshore. We're told they'll probably be euthanized once they are caught.

The best precaution to take right now is to make sure you don't have any pet food supplies of any kind stored outside accessible to coyotes. Keep pets inside and protected.

If you see a coyote, make some noise -- clap and shout; they'll often just run away.

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